Young Children ages 5-8

Level Program: 5-9 years
Our Level Program is designed to introduce and develop formal dance training. Level classes consist of one half hour of ballet accompanied by a half hour of jazz or tap or both. All students are required to take ballet. Combination classes ensure a well-rounded preparatory dance education.

         Level classes are designated as follows:

  • LEVEL 1: 5–6 years (kindergarten)
  • LEVEL 2: 6–7 years (first grade)
  • LEVEL 3: 7–8 years (second grade)
  • LEVEL 4: 8–9 years (third grade)

Hip Hop
Class is taught to popular kid-friendly and age appropriate music. Students learn basic hip hop concepts and elements while getting all of the benefits of a healthy workout.  Classes include basic concepts of break dancing, popping and locking, krumping, house…and more!

Irish Step
Certified T.C.R.G. instructor Patti Hunter teaches traditional beginner-advanced Irish Step classes in a non-competitive environment.

A full hour ballet basics class teaches the basic ballet concepts of body placement, alignment, technique and pedegogy.