About Us

childMass Motion Dance (MMD) was founded in Sturbridge, Massachusetts in 1983, under the direction of Terri Gordon, MMD has proven its excellence in dance training. Ms. Gordon, a former member of the Boston Ballet Company and Tanz Forum, the modern dance company of Cologne, Germany, is passionate and driven to develop each student’s technique to its highest level. In 2003, MMD proudly announced the opening of the Boston studio under the direction of Irada Djelassi. In 2017, MMD Metro West opened its doors in Medfield, MA under the direction and ownership of Irada Djelassi and Alexis Stansky Murphy.

At Mass Motion Dance we place our goals, values and focus on the art of dance and all that it offers the dance student.  The arts offers us, as a community, the opportunity for expression and a unique insight into the beauty of the world around us.  Dancer is one of the more challenging of the arts as it involves our total physical and mental commitment, challenges us in a way that is both exhilarating and exhausting.  Meeting these demands teaches the dance student many lessons and leads them down a path of self-discovery.  In a world of technology and instant gratification, dance reminds the student tat great accomplishments require time, patience, courage and faith.  Dancers must constantly reaffirm their commitment to themselves and their art.  The struggle is real, but the rewards are profound.  Whether as a dance student or a dance enthusiast, the enrichment dance brings into our lives is what revitalizes our love and commitment to the wonderful art of dance.

Whether a student’s goal is fitness and recreation or a future career in dance, at MMD dancers will find classes that fit their objective as well as their schedule. Students may choose from a broad range of dance idioms such as ballet, modern, tap, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, Irish step and more. MMD strives to teach the strongest technique to each student, in a positive setting, allowing each dancer to find their passion for the art and sport of dance. With three locations and over 35 years of experience it is easy to see how students develop into enthusiastic, passionate and powerful dancers.

Qualified professional MMD Faculty is dedicated to ensuring proper training in a positive and personal learning environment. MMD Faculty works as a team and takes great pride in their commitment to providing an unparalleled dance education to each and every student. The highly qualified staff of professionals at MMD has extensive teaching and training backgrounds.

Annual Performance

Each location produces an end of year production in the month of June. Mass Motion has become highly recognized and respected for the musical style recital we present. This is not your average dance recital! Dance is a performing art and participation in the recital offers students the opportunity to experience the performance aspect of their training, while at the same time demonstrate their progress to friends and family in the audience. Participation in the annual recital is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Holiday Performance

Mass Motion Dance produces an annual holiday performance with students in intensive study programs.  In 2016 Mass Motion Dance presented it’s own version of the holiday classic The Nutcracker.  Maintaining our studio goal of celebrating the many forms of dance, while staying true to the story line, our Nutcracker displaces elements of Classical Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro and more!

The Dance Project at Mass Motion Dance is a pre-professional teen group committed to offering professional training and preparations to teens interested in pursuing a career in dance.  The DSC-4254Dance Project is dedicated to sharing the art of dance to a wide variety of local venues. This pre-professional performance group offers students the opportunity to take their dance training outside of the classroom by performing throughout the community.  The Dance Project also allows teen dancers the opportunity to fill some of their community service requirements through the art of dance.  Each year TDP produces a concert style performance in addition to the studio’s regular winter show and spring recital.